The Un-hidden Gem of the Riviera: Monaco

Once you have your ideal Riviera property, your next step is to start exploring the neighbourhood. The French Riviera is renowned for many beautiful and historical paradises ready to be discovered by the discerning traveller.

Amongst these is the glitz and glamour of the tiny principality of Monaco, a place synonymous with the decadence and luxury of James Bond- it could almost be described as the playboy of the Riviera.

Put aside all that you think you know in order to enjoy it for what it actually is though; it is more than you expect.

For a country roughly the size of Central Park, Monaco fits in a whole lot of luxury. Walking from one side to the other takes less than a day (in fact with a little forward planning you could breakfast in France, lunch in Monaco and have dinner in Italy all in the same day).

If you start at the Rock where Monaco itself began you can explore the old town before taking in the Oceanographic Museum. Follow this with a trip to Port Hercule and then finally finish up at Monte Carlo on the other headland.

If everything before Monte Carlo is the cake, Monte Carlo is the icing and the glace cherry to boot. From a marina full of luxury yachts, through to the decedent grandeur of the Hotel de Paris and the streets littered with fast cars of marque, it offers all you need to unwind and indulge in escaping the trappings of normal life. And there are always days when we all need that.

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