Top Places on the Riviera to buy reasonably priced property

Investing in property on the French Riviera is not as difficult as it seems and there are several wonderful places to purchase property at more modest prices. This short article will help you decide where it is worth looking on the wonder Cote D’Azur for reasonably priced, achievable property.


The vibrant and colourful city of Nice is a great starting point for your search. You can purchase a reasonably sized one bedroom apartment here from around £150,000. This would give you a well equipped apartment right in the heart of the city. Nice is an excellent option. Not only is the city itself a great place to be with its wonderful promenade, but it also gives you excellent access to the rest of the riviera. It’s at the centre of the action. Head twenty minutes east and you will find yourself in the wonderful province of Monaco, and twenty minutes west and find yourself in glamorous Cannes. The Cote D’Azur airport is just ten minutes outside the city centre.

Villefrance Sur Mer

Around the bay from Nice is the wonderful fishing village of Villefranche. It has a wonderful community feel. Villefrance is a little more exclusive. A one bedroom apartment here will set you back £250,000. However, it is a great option if you want to be right on the coast and away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Nice, but maintain great links to the rest of the riviera.

Cagnes Sur Mer

Cagnes Sur Mer is to the west of Nice and near the airport. Cagnes is a small town, and while not as picturesque as Villefranche can offer some great property. There are several new developments in the area. A two bedroom apartment here starts from around £220,000. This could be a good option, therefore. The town maintains excellent transport links around the riviera.

Purchasing property in this wonderful part of the world is possible! Contact the real estate agency « Totally Riviera » to discuss about your real estate project.

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